What is the PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer?

The most basic home security is the front door. This is the primary entry point in the home, and using the peephole to indentify who is there has not changed in many years. Seeing who is at your door before you open it has never been more important.

The Brinno PeepHole Viewer uses an LCD Panel to display who is at your door. It turns a hard to see PeepHole image into a big bright image. It does’t replace the optic peephole, but it upgrades the traditional to a digital PeepHole Viewer!

  • PHV1325


Simple One Button Operation

Simple One Button Operation

Just one button to see who’s at your door! Elderly people and children can easily see visitors on the bright LCD panel!
Protect Your Privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Prevent burglar using a reverse peephole tool to peep your life!
Easy To Install

Easy To Install

3 steps, 5 minutes to complete the installation!


PeepHole Viewer Video


Easy to install

Set up your front door security camera in 3 steps!


  • Steps


Display modes

Regular” Regular display mode shows a field of view similar to that of a digital camera.

Zoom” Zoom display mode enlarges the center of the PeepHole field of view for viewing facial details.




  • Product
  • Model
  • PeepHole Barrel
  • Doors Thick
  • View angle
  • Sensor
  • LCD Screen
  • Power Source
  • Size (W xH x D)
  • Weight


  • PHV1325
    (PHV1325-12 & PHV1325-14)
  • 12mm & 14mm available
  • PHV1325-12 fits any doors 35~57 mm (1.38”~2.24”) thick
    PHV1325-14 fits any door 40~69 mm( 1.57”~2.72”) thick
  • PHV1325-12: Regular Mode: 96°, Zoom Mode: 60°
    PHV1325-14: Regular Mode: 99°, Zoom Mode: 60°
  • For best results please use the peephole included
  • 1.3 Megapixel CMOS
  • 2.7” TFT
  • 2 AA batteries (good for approx. 1500 “peeps”)
  • 146 x 90 x 30 mm
  • 160g (without batteries)

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